Baby Boppers pre-school dance & movement class, WYMONDHAM & HETHERSETT




(Subject to enough interest)




Ballet at Wymondham Leisure Centre


* When we have enough interest in NEW classes, we will set a start date. 





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  • Jessica Dossena Miranda (Sunday, January 26 20 01:17 pm GMT)

    Baby boppers! My little girl would love this. Please let me know when it starts.

  • Petra Draper (Friday, January 24 20 09:19 pm GMT)

    Hi, would be interested for my 9 year old daughter to attend some contemporary/ street dance class. Ideally on a Tuesday/ Wed.
    Thank you

  • Victoria (Thursday, January 23 20 07:23 am GMT)

    I would be interested in ballet for a 5 year old at wymondham leisure centre on either a Wednesday or Friday

  • Alex Tucker (Saturday, November 02 19 08:47 am GMT)

    Hi, I have a nearly 3yo and a 4yo who love dancing. We live near wymondham and I would love them to be able to do some classes; especially if anything came up on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So please count us as very interested!!

  • Kerry Riceman (Monday, September 23 19 08:08 am BST)

    Hi, my daughter will soon be 3 and she loves dancing; are you possibly starting toddler dance sessions in Wymondham soon?

  • Lucy (Wednesday, September 04 19 08:14 pm BST)

    Hi there, is there a street dance class at Little Melton village hall this Saturday 7th September as the village show is on.

  • Wendy Kimberley (Monday, March 18 19 11:00 pm GMT)

    Hi, my grand daughter would like to try dance classes on Saturdays. She is 5 . Is it just a case of turning up or do we need to book. Thanks

  • Sarah Browne (Tuesday, February 05 19 06:56 am GMT)


    I'm helping organise the LMelton Primary Mayfair.

    I'm in charge of the arena entertainment.

    Would you like to bring your dance school to do a display?

    I have 20 minutes slots available from 11 until 3.perhaps you could give me a call.

    I have to getting all finalised acts to the printer by end Feb.

  • Alison (Sunday, January 27 19 09:34 am GMT)

    Hi my 6 year old daughter would love to try your dance class on Saturday morning, she is very musical and wants to do what she calls disco dancing lessons. Heard about you through a friend, Is there any availability please?

  • Melonie clarke (Saturday, January 26 19 09:01 pm GMT)

    Hi are you still running classes in little melton as my 9 year old is interested

  • Lisa Haden (Sunday, January 13 19 10:31 am GMT)

    My 8 y/o daughter would be interested in the Little Melton saturday class

  • Charlotte Hamblin (Saturday, December 29 18 10:17 am GMT)


    Do you currently do any baby boppers or pre school dance? My 2.5 year old loves dancing


  • Verity newton (Tuesday, December 11 18 11:42 am GMT)

    A friend of mine has recommended your classes for my 7yr old and has said you are starting a class in little Melton?
    Do you have any spaces please?

  • Lisa alston (Saturday, November 24 18 11:53 pm GMT)

    Good evening
    My daughter is 3.7years old would she be able to come the the Little Melton class on a Saturday?

  • Martin oswick (Saturday, October 06 18 07:54 am BST)

    Good morning. Our daughter is very interested in your street dance class’s & we would like some further information. Is there taster sessions?

  • Claire Greengrass (Friday, October 05 18 10:33 pm BST)

    My son Henry is 8 years old and he would love to do street dancing. He has asked me unprompted, and I remember that when he was small he loved dancing. We would only be able to do a class at the weekend - Saturday mornings would be great

  • Amy King (Friday, October 05 18 12:32 pm BST)

    Really interested in the street dance class in little melton. Is it still on and can we turn up for a taster tomorrow?

  • Kelly Garrod (Friday, September 14 18 01:12 pm BST)

    Hi, One of your team members were taking the yoga after school club at Robert Kett in Wymondham but the class is not running due to too few people signing up. My daughter is very interested in it and I was wondering if you do any other classes for junior yoga that she could attend after school or weekends.

  • Kate Philpin (Sunday, August 26 18 08:29 am BST)

    Hi I am interested in the street dance class on a Saturday morning at little Melton for 8-12 year olds. Please could you email me availability and when it starts.

  • Verity leonard (Thursday, July 26 18 04:00 pm BST)

    We are looking for a beginner's dance class for our daughter age 7. We live near attleborough

  • Paul Rapley (Saturday, July 07 18 03:55 pm BST)

    9y/o daughter would like to start street dance at wymondham on thursdays in sept

  • Hazeley Turton (Friday, March 09 18 10:12 am GMT)

    Hi. Could I have some information about your ballet class at Wymondham Leisure Centre please. My daughter is 9 years old.

  • Bonnie Royle (Monday, January 15 18 06:07 pm GMT)

    I would be very interested in the Little Melton sessions on Sat morning, my little girl is desperate to go dancing and I know other mums have been asking around. Please let me know if you decide to go ahead, we will be there!

  • Kate Thubron (Saturday, December 16 17 07:59 pm GMT)

    Hello there

    I wondered when the adult street dance will be run in wymondham?

    Also interested In adult ballet if this is something that is available

  • Helen Haynes (Monday, September 25 17 03:13 pm BST)

    I'd be very interested in adult street dance at Wymondham Leisure Centre.

  • Zara Owen (Wednesday, September 20 17 02:14 pm BST)

    I'd be interested in the Little Melton or Bawburgh classes if they are for 4-7year olds.

  • Dawny Christien (Tuesday, September 12 17 05:37 pm BST)

    Hi, interested in adult Street dance at Wymondham Leisure Centre please! Thanks.

  • suzanne (Saturday, August 26 17 04:11 pm BST)

    interested in adult ballet and/or street!

  • Megan (Sunday, July 09 17 09:58 pm BST)

    I'm looking for some adult ballet or street. Haven't danced in over 30 years but would love to give it another go! Would be happy to pay for private lessons if it wasn't too expensive

  • Helen (Sunday, May 07 17 09:42 am BST)

    Interested in musical theatre and street dance at wymondham for my 7 year old and 2.8 year old please

  • Katy Bulldeath (Wednesday, March 29 17 11:50 am BST)

    Hello, I was looking for musical theatre classes for my 5 year old daughter. I'm in Attleborough but can travel to Wymondham. Thank you

  • Melissa Collins (Wednesday, March 08 17 11:43 am GMT)

    I'd be very interested in adult dance classes (ballet and/or street) in Wymondham - but the last time I danced was about 20 years ago, so would be beginner standard.

  • Sarah (Sunday, March 05 17 03:23 pm GMT)

    Hi, I'm looking for some musical theatre classes for my daughter, preferably in the Wymondham area. She's 7 (8 in September). Could you tell me if you have any availability please? Thank you

  • Kirsten Aggersberg (Sunday, January 08 17 07:49 pm GMT)

    Hi. I'm extremely interested in adult street dance classes at wymondham leisure centre. Would you be able to let me know if the classes go ahead please? Thanks

  • Karen (Sunday, November 20 16 02:14 pm GMT)

    Hello. Are you thinking about doing any classes for 3 year olds in Wymondham as my little girl is very keen to do dance or ballet.

  • Pippa (Tuesday, October 18 16 05:34 pm BST)

    I would be interested in adult ballet at Wym Leisure centre

  • Maria (Wednesday, September 07 16 06:07 am BST)

    Hi, i'd be interested in my daughter joining the baby boppers preschool dance class.

  • Victoria Hall (Tuesday, September 06 16 09:31 pm BST)

    Hi, do you have any more info about the baby boppers pre school class pls? My son is 3yrs old & would like to start dance classes.


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